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Don't wash bath mats in your washing machine

By following the advice below, you can prolong the life of your machine


Bath mat setExclamationWashing bath mats can cause major damage to your washing machine

Although, the care label on bath mats will often say you can wash them in a washing machine. We'd advice you don't, because washing bath mats can cause major damage to your washing machine by putting excessive strain on your machines components plus the possibility of causing an unbalanced load.

If your machine spins an unbalanced load a
part from damaging the Inner drum, the drum spider and the drum bearings, unbalanced loads can also short circuit the Motor and the Control board.

QuotationWe've seen many washing machines completely wrecked by washing bath mats Quotation


Rubber backing

The rubber backing on some of the cheaper bath mats will often break down and separate, and totally clog the wash system hoses, pumps and filters.



Our advice, never wash bath mats in your washing machine always wash them by hand in the sink or in bowl and hang then on a washing line to drip dry.

Better still take them to your local launderette and machine wash them there.


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