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My washing machine has stopped working mid cycle?


By following the advice below, you can prolong the life of your machine

You can wash the same items for years, then one day for no apparent reason your washing machine stops working mid cycle or refuses to complete the final spin

Unbalanced load

Our customers are always concerned about damaging their washing machine by overloading
. What causes more damage than overloading the machine is washing one large heavy item by itself or one large heavy item with a number of light items.

Unbalanced load!

Washing just one large heavy item will often cause an unbalance load. If your machine detects an unbalance load it will abort or stop working mid cycle; because washing machines are designed to protect themselves from the potential damaged that an unbalanced load would cause.

What should you do if your washing machine has stopped working mid cycle?

Bath mat setIf you have one particular heavy large item that you have decided, it would be better to wash separately in your washing machine. Annoyingly, you discover that partway through the wash, the machine has stopped working mid cycle or refuses to complete the final spin.

The first thing you should do is change the programme to the drain setting and pump out all the water. Then take the heavy item out and redistribute the item more evenly in the drum; then restart the machine on a rinse and spin setting.

If your machine is still refusing to wash or spin the heavy item, the only thing you can do is add additional items in an attempt to rebalance the drum more evenly.

How do washing machines protect themselves?

Modern washing machines nowadays, use balance protection software to monitor the strain on the motor through the power it uses.

Front loading diagramIf a wash load is evenly distributed around the drum, the motor will run evenly as it turns requiring a regular amount of power.

If one side of the drum is heavier than the other side, the motor will run unevenly as it encountered greater resistance when it turns the heaver side of the drum.

If the balance protection software detects an unbalance load, it will normally abort the wash cycle to protect the machine from potential damaged.


ExclamationYou'll seriously damage and shorten the life of your machine, if you keep trying to wash unbalanced loads


I3 pairs of Jeansf the balance protection software doesn't abort the wash cycle and your machine dose somehow manages to spin an unbalanced load apart from damaging the Inner drum, the drum spider and the drum bearings, unbalanced loads can also short circuit the Motor and the Control board.



The classic items that can cause an unbalanced are:

Bath mats, Jeans, Towels, Bedding, Duvets, Dressing gowns, and Dogs beds.


We've seen many washing machines that have been completely wrecked by washing one large heavy item by itself especially Bath mats.

Our advice, take all large heavy items to your local launderette and machine wash them there.


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