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My tumble dryer is not drying my clothes?


By following the advice below, you can prolong the life of your tumble dryer improve the results of your drying


Is the vent hose and lint filterDryer lint filter clogged?

First check the vent hose is not blocked or crushed.

Check that the internal lint filter is clear of lint. This filter should be cleaned at the end or at the start of each time you use the dryer, also at the rear of the dryer there is an inlet vent which may be clogged. Make sure as well that the machine is not being overloaded as this will also affect the drying time.


Location of the condensing unit on a tumble dryerIf your dryer is a condenser dryer?

Condensing unitBlocked condenser

Check that condenser isn't blocked with lint. The condenser should be cleaned once a month, the easiest way is to run water through the condenser.

Empty the water container

The machine will stop heating (The load may still be wet at the end of the drying cycle) the ‘ Empty water ’ light should flash to tell you that the water container is full.


Is there a heating element protection cut-out device?

TOC Button

White Knight and Bosch tumble dryers often have at the rear of the machine a TOC (Thermal Overload Cut-out ) a small red button that pops out (Trips) and turns off the heating element to prevent the element from overheating.

To reset the TOC, simply press the button in.


Why has the heating element TOC tripped?

Opening the door or turning off your tumble dryer mid way through the drying cycle can trip the TOC.* Blocked vent hose, blocked lint filter or a blocked condenser will restrict the airflow through the machine; this can cause the machine to over heat and trip the TOC.


* Tumble dryers need to cool-down at the end of the drying cycle

Opening the door or turning off your tumble dryer mid way through the drying cycle will stop the fan running, (The fan blows air over the heating element to keep the element at the correct temperature) without the fan running the heating element will continue to give off heat; the element will get very hot and can cause a TOC to trip.

Dryers have a cool-down period at the end of the drying cycle. For the last 10 minutes the heating element is switched off, but the fan still continues to run to cool down the machine and protect the heating element.

If after reading the above advice and you’ve checked the vent hose, filters /condenser aren’t clogged with lint, the water container is empty and there's no TOC button to reset.

Annoyingly, your tumble dryer is still not drying your clothes.

We can repair your tumble dryer, please give us a call:  0151 2812526



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