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Link to Alcoholic drinks, Wine stain guide


Stain removal guide

From red wine, gravy and salad dressing to candle wax, lipstick and curry, they're all here

A Z stain guide

 Adhesive tape       Alcoholic drinks       Apple cider

 Asphalt / Tar      Baby stains (Food&Poop)       Beetroot Juice

  Bird droppings       Blood       Butter / Margarine

 Candle wax       Cap stick (Lip balm)       Chewing gum

 Chocolate       Coffee       Cooking oil / Fats

 Correction fluid       Crayons       Cream / Cheese sauce

 Curry       Dairy products       Dinginess / Greying

 Dye stains       Dye transfer       Epoxy glue

 Fabric softeners       Faeces       Fruits / Fruit juices

 Aeroplane glue       White, School glue       Grass

 Gravy       Grease       Hand lotion

 Permanent ink       Soluble ink       Jam

 Leather       Lipstick       Water based makeup

 Oil based makeup       Mayonnaise       Mildew

 Milk       Motor oil       Mud

 Mustard       Nail polish       Ointment / Salve

 Emulsion paint       Oil based paint       Poster paint

 Water based paint       Pencil       Perspiration

 Red clay       Rust       Salad dressing

 Shoe polish       Smoke / Soot       Tea

 Tomato sauce       Urine       Vegetable oil

 Vomit       Wine       Colour-fastness test

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