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Comtainer of Oxygen bleach powder
Oxygen bleach



By following the advice below, you can improve your wash results and prolong the life of your washing machine


What is Oxygen Bleach?

Oxygen bleach is the common term for sodium percarbonate, a compound of natural soda crystals and hydrogen peroxide. When oxygen bleach comes in contact with water, a chemical reaction occurs and the substance releases oxygen.

Oxygen bleach doesn't break down the fibres in fabrics like Chlorine bleach.. Also oxygen bleach is environmentally safe; the only by-product is soda ash a non-toxic substance that's safe for the water supply.



Can I use Oxygen bleach powder in my colour wash?

Oxygen bleach powder is colour-safe and won't bleach white spots onto dyed fabrics as Chlorine bleach would. It can be used safely to remove dirt and stains from your coloured clothes. (When used in accordance with manufacturer’s care instructions)  Always look out for the ' DO NOT USE BLEACH ' symbol.

Oxygen bleach in powder form is usually part of a Biological detergent and also sold separately as a powder additive with names like Oxi action, Oxy power or Oxy clean stain remover that can be safely used in your Washing machine.

A scoop of Oxygen bleach powder additive


Bleach symbols:




Oxygen bleach symbol

 Bleaching with Oxygen

Chlorine bleach symbol

   Bleaching with Chlorine


Bleach can be used Symbol

     Any bleach can be used

Do not use bleach Symbol

     Do not use bleach 


Is your washing machine starting to smell?

90°C wash tub symbolIf you always select cool 30°C quick wash programme and only use Non-boi detergent, Colour detergent, Gel, Gel tablets, Liquid, Liquid tablets or any other detergent that does not contain bleach. This will cause a build up of dirt and grease creating a breeding ground for mould and bacteria, unpleasant smells can form in your washing machine warm weather can make the smell even worse

Our advice: Two to three times a year, simply wash white cotton Tea towels on the hottest 90°C wash programme with the “Intensive wash and the Extra rinse” options, (if your machine has those functions) with a Biological detergent that contains Oxygen bleach. Alternatively, you can use your normal detergent with two scoops of Oxygen bleach powder additive.

These maintenance washes will keep the machine and the outlet hose clean and free from the build-up of dirt, grease and bacteria. Also, regular maintenance washes can considerably prolong the life of your washing machine. Read more...

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