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How to clean a smelly Washing machine


By following the advice below, you can improve your wash results and prolong the life of your washing machine


There's a unpleasant smell coming from the inside of my washing machine?

If you always select cool 30°C quick wash programme and only use Non-bio detergent, Colour detergent, Gel, Gel tablets, Liquid, Liquid tablets, or any other detergent that does not contain bleach.

This will cause a build up of dirt and grease creating a breeding ground for mould and bacteria, unpleasant smells can form in your washing machine warm weather can make the smell even worse.

Regular 90°C Maintenance washes 90°C Maintenance wash

Two to three times a year, simply wash white cotton Tea towels on the hottest 90°C wash programme with the “Intensive wash and the Extra rinse” options, (if your machine has those functions) with a Biological detergent that contains Oxygen bleach. Alternatively, you can use your normal detergent with two scoops of Oxygen bleach powder additive.

A scoop of Oxygen bleach powder additive



These maintenance washes will keep the machine and the outlet hose clean and free from the build-up of dirt, grease and bacteria. Also, with regular maintenance washes you'll considerably prolong the life of your washing machine.




   Regularly clean around the door seal with White vinegar to prevent a build-up of dirt and grease.

   Pull out and clean the Soap drawer with White vinegar, especially the Fabric softener dispenser.

   Check and clean the Pump filter.




Information  In soft-water areas you only need to use Biological detergent

Here in Liverpool we have soft-water; all we need to use is Biological detergent that contains Oxygen bleach. The specialised washing machine cleaning products are descalers, their only reqired in hard-water areas where harmful Limscale deposits can damage washing machines.

Never completely close the doorNever completely close the door

The good advice we always tell our customers, never completely close the washing machine door between washes. When the machine is not in use leaving the door slightly open will enable air to flow around the inner drum and the door seal

This should dry the machine out and help prevent the build-up of unpleasant smells in your washing machine.


ExclamationIf you don't do regular maintenance washes you'll shorten the life of your washing machine

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The problem is by not doing regular maintenance washes the Aluminium drum spider that supports the inner drum, will become corroded by the build up of dirt and grease; as the dirt and grease decays it turns to acid and eats its way through the Aluminium.

This often causes one of the arms, or all three to break it's usually fatal to the washing machine.

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With regular 90°C
maintenance washes  with a Biological detergent that contains Oxygen bleach   you'll considerably prolong the life of your washing machine.  Also, you can save yourself money by not having to buy any of these new totally unnecessary anti-bacterial cleaning products.

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