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I've lost a sock in my machine?

By following the advice below, you can prolong the life of your washing machine improve the results of your wash


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Washing machine 
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 One odd Sock

Losing a sock in your washing machine is possibly one of the most annoying things

The first place to look is inside the drum, moisture and centrifugal force can hold a sock to the side of the drum for several hours, also look inside the door seal.

Socks, especially children's socks somehow manage to get themselves caught in the gap between the moving inner drum and the door seal, and get pulled into the machine. Check the Pump filter, hopefully the sock should have ended up in their without being damaged.


Lost sock in door sealLost sock in pump filter



How to avoid losing socks in your machineProtective mesh laundry bag

The simplest way to avoid losing socks in your washing machine is to put all your socks in a Protective mesh laundry bag, or a Pillowcase.

Protective mesh laundry bag


Protecting the socks

By protecting your socks in this way, as well avoiding the annoyance of losing socks; the mesh bag will also protect the socks from potential damaged caused by the machine.


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 Odd sock Orphanage

Create an odd socks orphanage
At some point you are going to lose a few socks no matter how hard you try to avoid the problem.

The best thing you can do when this first happens is to create an odd socks orphanage. When you find one odd sock, just store it in the orphanage and eventually  or at least hopefully  it will be reunited with its lost brother or sister by the next washday.


A good place to look for lost socks is behind the washing machine itself.

Quite often when we pull our customers machines out for a repair, we discover small groups of dirty and often smelly socks huddled together waiting rescue.


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