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Front-loading vs Top-loading

Which is the more efficient?

Two different methods of washing clothes


Top-loading machines totally immerse the clothes in the water and detergent and scrubs them clean by agitation, then rinses and spins.

Top loading diagram


Front-loading machines use a tumbling action to clean the clothes, clothes are gently plunged through the water and detergent, then rinses and spins.


Front loading diagram




Are front-loading machines more efficient than top-loaders?

Front loading washing machine


Washing machines nowadays are expected to do more with less water and less energy

Front-loading machines use 60% less water than the average top-loader which means less water has to be heated; as 80 - 90% of the energy used by a washing machine goes towards heating the water. Also, with less water you'll only need to use about a third of the amount of detergent required by a top-loader.

The gentle tumbling action of a front-loading machine is much easier on clothes than the twisting action they receive in a top-loader. This means your clothes will be cleaner and last longer.


With a fast spin speed front-loading machine, your tumble dryer would use less energy to dry the clothes

The typical top-loading machine spins at about 600 -700 rpm. Many front-loading machines also spin faster 1200 -1400 rpm. This forces more water out of the clothes - so a tumble dryer would use less energy to dry the clothes.

Using an energy efficient A+++ rated front-loading washing machine will take better care of the environment, while saving you money on your Electricity, Water and Detergent bills.

Top loading washing machine


Here in the UK, where expensive electricity and water have been driving efficiency improvements for many years more than 90% of washing machines are front-loading.

Dolly-peg with Tub


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