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Is Fabric softener necessary?

Reduces static cling in synthetic fabrics

Originally, the only purpose for using fabric softener was to reduce static cling in synthetic fabrics it isn't reqired at all when washing natural fabrics.


How Fabric softener works

Fabric softener works by coating the surface of the cloth fibres with a thin layer of chemicals; these chemicals have lubricant properties and are electrically conductive. Making fibres feel smoother and preventing build-up of static electricity in synthetic fabrics.

Depending on the brand of fabric softener, it can be added at the beginning of the wash cycle at the same time as the detergent, or is dispensed during the rinse cycle.


The disadvantage

The disadvantage of coating natural fibres by a chemical layer is in decreasing the water absorption properties of the fabric, which may be undesirable in towels. Most good quality all-cotton towels do not reqire to be treated with fabric softener; with repeated washings and dryings they become softer naturally.


Allergic reaction Exclamation Allergic reaction

Adults and children with sensitive skin may have problems using fabric softener; an allergic reaction could be due to the ingredients giving the fabric softener its fresh scent.





Our advice, we consider the use of fabric softener to be completely unnecessary and a waste of money.


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