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Provided below are helpful advice to washing machines and washing problems. By following the advice, you can prolong the life of your machine improve the results of your wash

90°C wash tub symbolHow to clean a smelly washing machine
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Two to three times a year, simply run your washing machine without any clothes on the hottest
90°C wash with the “extra rinse and the intensive wash” options.


How to clean a smelly washing machine



Unbalanced loadMy washing machine has stopped working mid cycle?

You can wash the same items for years, then one day for no apparent reason your washing machine stops working mid cycle – or refuses to complete the final spin.


Machine has stopped working mid cycle?


Bath mat setDon't wash bath mats in your washing machine

Although, the care label on bath mats will often say you can wash them in a washing machine we'd advice you don't.


QuotationWe've seen many washing machines completely wrecked by washing bath mats  Quotation


ExclamationDon't Wash

Don't wash bath mats in washing machine


Care symbols on clothing labelsCare symboles on clothing labels

The care symbols are there to help you clean, dry and iron your clothes effectively without damaging them. However, they can be confusing; so here is a clear explanation of what they all mean.

 Care symbols on clothing labels


 Can I wash a Duvet in my machine?


Washing a Duvet can cause major damage to your washing machine plus, It wouldn't clean properly.



Can I wash a Duvet in my machine?

Link to Alcoholic drinks, Wine stain guideA Z  Stain removal guide

From red wine, gravy and salad dressing to candle wax, lipstick and curry, they're all here.


 A to Z – Stain removal guide


Comtainer of Oxygen bleach powder

Can I use Oxygen bleach powder in my colour wash?


Oxygen bleach powder is colour-safe and won't bleach white spots onto dyed fabrics as Chlorine bleach would.


Using Oxygen bleach in a colour wash


TrainersDon't wash Trainers in your washing machine

Trainers are too heavy – you risk damaging your machine by detaching the plastic drum paddles


ExclamationDon't Wash

 Don't wash Trainers in washing machine


Socks + Washing machine = one sock!I've lost a sock in my machine?


The simplest way to avoid losing socks in your machine is to put all your socks in a Protective mesh laundry bag, or a Pillowcase.


I've lost a sock in my washing machine!



The safe way to machine wash Bras


Before washing Bras check for damaged and worn edges, and always use a protective mesh laundry bag or a pillowcase.



 The safe way to machine wash Bras


Energy graphThe EU Energy efficiency labelling scheme, explained

The energy labelling is a useful tool to determine the environmental performance of washing machines and tumble dryers.


  E U Energy efficiency labeling scheme


Fabric softerners

Is Fabric softener necessary?


Originally, the only purpose for using fabric softener was to reduce static cling in synthetic fabrics it isn't required at all when washing natural fabrics. 



 Is Fabric softener necessary?

Front loading diagramFront-loading vs Top-loadingTop loading diagram

Two different methods of washing clothes, which is the more efficient?



Front-loading  vs Top-loading


Recycling LogoWhat is the WEEE Directive?


The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Directive requires countries to maximise separate collection and environmentally friendly processing of these items.


WEEE Directive Logo What is the WEEE Directive?



 How to connect a washing machineHow to connect a washing machine


1: Remove the transit bolts.

2: Connect the water. How to connect a washing machine

3: Drain the waste water.

4: Levell the machine.

5: Test the machine.



How to connect a washing machine


 Machine filling with water when not in use?My washing machine is filling with water, when it's not in use?

Plumbers, for speed and their convenience will often connect the washing machine drain hose directly to the trap under the sink.

This can sometimes cause the waste water draining from the sink to flow into the washing machine rather than going to the main drain.



Filling with water, when it's not in use?




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